30,000DAYS for Start-ups

We love working with start-ups and our goal is to direct at least 20% of our efforts to supporting new enterprises at special rates


Whether you are on your raft and feel yourselves drifting towards your first landing point, stepping into a larger boat with some new sailing companions or scaling your business to sail away in something more sizeable.. the challenges of growing as owners and leaders are demanding and complex. 

It's your business... your vision... but give yourselves an advantage by having someone available to you as a sounding board - a trusted advisor - someone who helps you to achieve your goals. We are unlikely to arrive with a bunch of new ideas, and it's unlikely that this is what you need.


Let us support you in your journey and help you to stay together as you chart your course, scale your vision and culture, meet investor needs and find the right blend of management and leadership.

Our Coaching, Advisory and Professional Training fits well in the world of start-ups, and we will be really flexible in finding the right way of supporting you.