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I owe much of my success to the generous help, support and advice of others. As well as enjoying the support of friends and family, I first experienced coaching when the company that I worked for ‘assigned’ me a coach around 15 years ago. Since then I have benefitted from some great coaching experiences and I have come to see this as an important part of my life’s ‘aid package’. Inspired by this, I have over the years coached and mentored a number of people within my business and personal network, and I am now taking the step to hone those skills and seek professional recognition as part of the current CoachAdvisor ‘Executive CoachAdvisor’ cohort.


I started my career at 16 as an apprentice at a Nuclear Power Station, became a radio communications engineer in Scotland, then an IT Engineer in the South of England before becoming a manager and subsequently a leader in one of the world’s most successful IT businesses. I have loved building and leading teams right across the world within Cisco and have taken great care to nurture a great working experience based on establishing trust and respect for one another.

Being part of the tech industry, I have spent two decades of my life working online so it has become natural for me to build and maintain close and fulfilling relationships with people over video.


As well as coaching and mentoring those of my own age group, I have coached and mentored a number of people who are early-in-career and have helped them to overcome such things as workplace challenges, organising themselves and seeing through their commitments, accompanying them in taking first steps into management and leadership and helping them to visualise their long-term career dreams and practical options.

Within Cisco, I was instrumental in establishing a bi-directional mentoring group which aimed to pair those who were 'early-in-career' with those who were ‘experienced-in-career’ in order to share insights and wisdom in both directions - I passionately believe that each group has much to learn from the other.


My own approach to coaching is founded on curiosity to understand and appreciate what it is like to stand in the shoes of a ‘coachee’, and to explore a range of potential outcomes together - supporting the coachee as she/he digs in to the ‘right’ outcome and moves to embrace positive change. 


I have two daughters who are currently 28 and 24 years old - both of whom are currently living in Asia, so my wife and I are living in the relative tranquillity of a child-free household.

I love old mechanical things and vehicles... my wife and I spend our summer weekends out in our 1964 split-screen camper van, while I spend quite a lot of time fixing it when it breaks down (the camper is the same age as me, so I have an additional interest in caring for it and to keeping it going).

Here’s my LinkedIn profile - 

The things that I am most proud of in this profile are the small number of ‘recommendations’ that I have shown.


What else about me…?

I try not to be always too serious and like to think of myself as being positively creative with a dark sense of humour that sometimes surfaces. I am unashamedly emotional and keenly in touch with the softer side of human existence.

I love challenging traditional thinking in order to find positive outcomes to life’s challenges.

I care very much about what I do. I take this role very seriously and believe it an honour to be able to work at such a deep and meaningful level with people through the experience of coaching.

I also believe that we should care deeply about the quality of our life experience... we live for around 30,000 days and should seek the right conditions that enable us to embrace and make the most of each day and to do the same for others around us. I passed the 20,000 day mark just over a year ago and have been on a mission ever since!


I physically live in Winchester (a short enough trip to London) … but live online and am very much ‘present’ anywhere people can connect through audio or video.





Telephone: +44(0)7710190064

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