Coach Profile - Phil Baker




As a co-founder of 30,000 Days Ltd, Phil has shifted his career to truly helping people become the very best they can be, after all time is short (did you know our average lifespan is only 30,000 Days!).


Your mental well being is directly linked to how you view yourself and how you perceive your brand.Phil is a master at helping people accelerate not only their own personal self worth, but also their ability to communicate, to drive long term career success. “It’s not what you do, it’s what others see you do”.


Prior to setting up his own business, Phil was a senior leader at Cisco where his passion for people helped drive Cisco to be the No.1 Great Place to Work internationally. As a Managing Director for Cisco’s global services business, he directly managed a $300m P&L focused on driving transformation across some of the worlds largest banks and blue chip brands. 


Phil has actively mentored numerous individuals alongside personally leading an organisation for Cisco called Men For Inclusion, designed to change how men look at diversity in order to improve I&D.


What brought you to coaching?


As a true people person, Phil genuinely cares about the individuals he coaches and mentors. Suffering with a severe lack of confidence in his early career, he was able to harness this fear and accelerate his career. Whilst an accomplished leader, Phil’s passion is for developing people to accelerate their career.


About your style of coaching and/or relevant expertise?


Although he is completing his coaching certification, Phil has a proven track record for developing top talent, helping people with their brand/presenting with impact and how to control imposter syndrome!


Current Qualifications:

Diploma in Computer Science​​​ 

Numerous IT certifications at the highest level

Participant in the Coach-Adviser Programme