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Wellness in the Workplace

Libratum delivers employee wellness solutions that enable businesses to perform at their best, from the inside out. They help business leaders build a thriving culture and happy, healthy, high-performing teams.


Andy & Phil are part of the Libratum Expert group and 30,000 Days are supporting Libratum Life’s ‘Leadership’ faculty with thought leadership and innovative learning experiences.

Suzette and Megan are top-draw professionals and this is a valued partnership.

Nomadic School of Business

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Territory Mapping

Anthony Willoughby pioneered the practice of Territory Mapping from a lifetime of work with nomadic tribes across the world.

We love this practice as it stimulates thinking in the form of analogies that reveal the heart of the matter. Individuals or whole teams can work to reveal and capture new insights and ideas.

Maps can be deeply personal and nearly always they are revealing, so you do need to practice this within an environment of trust. We have found that it's impossible to un-see a map.

Andy has spent time on a retreat with a nomadic family, along with Anthony and the Nomadic School of Business in Mongolia, and he is an Accredited Territory Map Practitioner


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CoachAdviser works with leaders to drive change, engagement, performance and sustainable growth through coaching and bespoke leadership programmes. Our expertise lies in values-driven leadership, strengths-based teams and creating healthy cultures. Through the CoachAdviser EMCC-accredited coaching and mentoring courses, we equip mid- to senior professionals to powerfully develop people and teams.

Andy & Phil studied with CoachAdviser in 2020 and achieved accreditation through their excellent 'Executive CoachAdviser Course'. 

Both Andy & Phil are associates of CoachAdviser and Andy is supporting their faculty.


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Smart Collaboration Accelerator

Organisations earn higher margins, inspire greater customer loyalty, produce more innovative work, and attract and retain the best talent when specialists engage in Smart Collaboration across boundaries.

COVID-19 has driven people deeper within their silos with business-by-appointment - and as a result the very Social Capitol of businesses is eroding. This should be of great concern and is deserving of serious attention and where appropriate, thoughtful intervention. 

Both Andy & Phil are Accredited Smart Collaboration Accelerator Practitioners.