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What are you doing with yours?


'Living a life that is worthy of our lifetime'


We are helping businesses and individuals reposition themselves for success

The world has 'reset'... have you?


1:1 Executive and Leadership Coaching

We love the process of coaching.

It helps individuals and teams to identify the things that inhibit and diminish, and to develop strategies to achieve resolution and move on to higher levels of success.

Coaching is intensely personal  - requiring a significant amount of trust and utmost confidentiality. It’s the most human of interactions and every engagement is different.. because we are all unique in what we bring and how we engage with the world.

It’s a privilege to sit on our side of the screen and support a client, and we hope that you will consider working with us in 2021. Take a look at who we are through our Coaching Profiles and let us know if we could be right for you.


Both Andy & Phil are Accredited Coaches with EMCC and 30,000DAYS is an organisational member of EMCC-UK


Consulting &

Advisory Services

Building a People Strategy for the 2020's

Our experience in building, leading and motivating distributed teams over the past decades have equipped us with expertise that has become so relevant for business today. We can help you to design and implement a people strategy that is a great fit for the workplace in the 2020s.


We are passionate advocates for building a ‘movement’ that leads to successful design and implementation of cultural change. Whether you are redefining or reinvigorating your culture, let us talk with you about how we can support you in the role of Change Director, or whatever you would call this in your business.

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Professional Training & Leadership Development

Innovative, fun and disruptive thinking - available individually, as an integrated learning plan or in the form of a retreat


Territory Mapping workshop
Break-through visualisation of your present and future
Future Vision process
Deep exploration of your future destination through innovative future-based interviews and elements of Design Thinking
Establishing Trust & Embracing Diversity
Absolute table-stakes for success
Engage your team in what they love doing
Enlightened way to achieve ‘Match Quality’ and commitment
Intentional Collaboration
Grow your organisation’s Social Capital
Management & Leadership in 2020’s
Adapting to the change from ‘efficiency to resilience’, and from ‘control to trust'
Pitch Perfect
Compelling and authentic presentations with story-telling and emotion


Understanding the power of Faith and Emotion at work and in our lives - what are your dials and those of your team?



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During this time of unprecedented change, companies have had to evolve their strategy in order to survive and go on to thrive in the future.

Company culture and how your teams perform is more critical to your success now than ever before.


What difference does why make? Read our blog article

why us?


30,000DAYS has years of leadership experience using disruptive innovation that will enable you to redefine your strategy and to shape how you will execute. We are all in the people business and we know what it takes to build and maintain a great place to work. By focusing on employee engagement we can enable you to not only drive staff retention, but to increase team and ultimately business performance.

why now?


It is time for us all to act!

The actions that you take now will define your company's future in the post-pandemic business era. History has shown that in times of market disruption and recession, companies who maintain or grow their investment in capabilities and marketing will capture greater market share and drive growth in the future.


Our heritage


Cultural Transformation Program for 4,500 strong team across EMEAR - united around one vision for serving our customers together with capability, execution and care


Delivering $450m Transformation
Joined at the hip culture and energy with a shared relentless focus on quality


Years of 1:1 and team coaching in leadership roles within Cisco.

Accredited Coach Practitioners with EMCC

Organisational members of EMCC-UK


1,600 sites transformed with zero failures in challenging global roll-out due to exemplary change process and approach - globally distributed team, passionately engaged in creating success


Led “Men For Inclusion” for Cisco EMEAR. Highest rated speaker at Women in Business events with over 11,000 participants. Driving Cisco to be crowned “The No1 Great Place to Work internationally”.


Developed innovative board-game learning experiences for complex business processes

and ran live international game-play events for global teams.


Those who we have coached and served

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30,000DAYS Blog:


30,000DAYS understands how to get the best out of life, work and business... making the most of every day that we have. With years of leadership experience within the Global Tech Industry, and having worked directly with global Customers and Partners, Andy & Phil blend their substantial business experience with their personal passion of helping individuals and teams to thrive and to love coming to work in todays complex and changing workplace. In 30,000DAYS, Andy & Phil are applying the very best of their vision and expertise in the pursuit of clarity, engagement and passion in business and the workplace.

Be it in the form of a strategic partnership, a series of energising workshops or 1:1 coaching... every engagement from us comes with a high degree of capability, thoughtful execution and sincere care for you, your teams and your business. 

Let us know if you would like to talk about how we could help you.