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Similing Team
Giving a Presentation

Creating your post-pandemic business strategy

Proven track record of building Vision, Strategy and Execution Metrics to drive clarity and alignment to company goals. 30,000DAYS has a technique that we are proud of that helps leaders and teams to visualise the future and turn that into a tangible plan. Everyone needs to understand where they are heading and be rowing in the same direction

Motivating your people to embrace change

It is critical that a company engages the entire team in their journey.  We are all in the People Business and we can help to build a shared vision and desire to change across your organisation. 30,000DAYS can lead you to high levels of employee engagement, accelerated results, staff retention and great company culture. 

Engaging and inspiring your customers to act

To truly drive results you need to inspire and connect with your employees and clients. Imagine if you had the power to significantly increase your sales team or leadership teams success? 30,000DAYS leverage world class techniques to drive results in all forms of communication including the all important client “pitch”.

"Great leaders have great vision"

"Movement requires a Movement"

"Emotion drives motion, drives results"


During this time of unprecedented change, companies have to evolve their strategy in order to survive and go on to thrive in the future.

Equally, company culture and how your team performs is more critical to your success now than ever before.

What difference does why make? Read our blog article

why us?

30,000DAYS has years of leadership experience using disruptive innovation that will enable you to redefine your strategy and to shape how you will execute. We are all in the people business and we know what it takes to become a great place to work. By focusing on employee engagement we can enable you to not only drive staff retention, but to increase team and ultimately business performance.

why now?

The actions that you take now will define your company's future - through this incredibly tough time and going into the post-pandemic business era. History has shown that in times of market disruption and recession, companies who maintain or grow their investment in capabilities and marketing will capture greater market share and drive growth in the future.


Our heritage


Delivering $450m Transformation
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Led “Men For Inclusion” for Cisco EMEAR. Highest rated speaker at Women in Business events with over 11,000 participants. Driving Cisco to be crowned “The No1 Great Place to Work internationally”.

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30,000DAYS understands how to get the best out of life, work and business... making the most of every day that we have. With years of leadership experience within the Globlal Tech Industry, and having worked directly with global Customers and Partners, Phil blends his substantial business experience with his personal passion of helping individuals and teams to thrive and to love coming to work in todays complex and changing workplace. In 30,000DAYS, Phil is applying the very best of his vision and expertise in the pursuit of clarity, engagement and passion in business and the workplace.

Be it in the form of a strategic partnership, a series of energising workshops or 1:1 mentoring or coaching... every engagement from us comes with a high degree of capability, thoughtful execution and sincere care for you, your teams and your business. 

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