• Andy Stoker

Celebrating great collaboration in a remote/distributed workforce

This short video crossed my virtual desk last week - a distributed performance of Elgar’s Nimrod in memory of those who died in Japan’s tragic earthquake in 2011. While this is foremost a touching memorial, it is a stunning example of how a group of talented individuals, separated by circumstances, can come together to create something of such beauty. It's the real deal... audio and video from 60+ isolated musicians knitted together into something wonderful.

TRY THIS if you are a team who is operating in similar circumstances across the world today and don’t get to share the fruits of your efforts in this way: as the images of individual musicians scroll across the screen, just picture the faces of your people playing in place of the musicians, take time to remember your individual friends and colleagues and use this as a metaphor for what you all do and achieve each day throughout these times.

clarity of purpose - staying together - commitment to quality - sustaining your brand - remaining relevant in challenging circumstances - adding something of value

PS: that handsome chap playing the French Horn at the 1min 30sec point is my brother phill stoker


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