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Unsure what to do next? Find your WHY...

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

The world has reset and left many of us wondering what to do next, with our job's, our careers or even our companies.

My advice to you would be take some time right now, during this global reset, to spend a moment developing you, in particular, your "Why".

If you follow Simon Sinek you may already be familiar with the concept of Why, if not consider it finding your true values, what drives or motivates you.

We all live incredibly busy lives, but there is no better time than now, as everything around us is changing, to think about and find your “Why”.

To bring this to life, I really encourage you to look at video posted by a stand up comedian below, showing the impact that finding your "Why" can instantly have on you:-

When you truly know your “Why”, it will really help you to decide what you do next.

Find your "Why" and you'll find your way...

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