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Why 30,000 days?

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

The one thing that we don't have enough of is time...

The things that we choose to do each day, are often the things that have to be done that day. Whereas the most important things, the things that drive us, the things that truly make a difference... they often get pushed to tomorrow.

Our time on this planet is short (around 30,000 days if you wish to count them). What is our legacy? What is the footprint that we leave - the difference that we will make?

How do we go about living a life that is truly worthy of our lifetime?

30,000DAYS can help you to understand more about your values and your 'why' allow you to direct your focus towards living a successful, fulfilling and purposeful professional life for you, your team, your customers and for the impact that you make on society and the world. If you are a leader or a business owner, then the impact that you make is amplified through the people and business that you are responsible for.

Yet what do you focus on each day?

What do you allow to become important in the daily deluge of work and priorities?

Where does 'purpose' live in your business and personal priorities?

Purpose really matters in a world where people exercise choice of who they work for. People want to work for great leaders and great companies... leaders who can inspire and companies who have a true place of value in their world. Companies who go beyond simple economics. Enlightened businesses who develop and focus on purpose see significant improvements in employee engagement. It enriches your business, and enriches the 30,000 days of each of your employees and those of your customers.

We firmly believe that profitability x purpose = meaningful success and we can help you to unlock that sense of purpose for you and your business.

Our experience as coaches is affording us the privilege of getting to the bottom of what really matters in peoples' lives - how they feel, what they truly care about. We take the same approach with teams and businesses - unlocking deeply held desires, building positive identity and purpose.. enabling people to make the very best of the days that they invest together.

So... what are you doing with your 30,000 days?

Time is our greatest gift... use it well.. make a difference.

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