• Andy Stoker

Why we like VSEM

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Every business needs a plan, and an effective way in which to articulate and share this throughout their organisation. After years of working with one methodology or another, when Phil and I thought about which method that we felt most aligned to, we both immediately went to VSEM.... Vision, Strategy, Execution and Metrics.

This is an effective way to create a single-page view of the aspirational destination for your business (vision), the routes that you will follow (strategy), the steps that you will take (execution) and of course, how you will measure success (metrics). VSEM has proven to be easy to remember and creates a welcome common language within a business.

While VSEM has pretty much become a business standard, the techniques that we employ through our strategic workshops are far from 'standard'. We completely shift the perspectives of those who take part in building their VSEM in order to arrive at something that everyone can claim as 'theirs'. A great VSEM is built on the insights of your executives, your leaders, your team and your customers.

Our working life is enriched when we get to pursue the goals that we have designed alongside those who will make the journey with us.

Find out more how 30,000DAYS can help to get the best out of life, work and business... making the most of every day that we have.

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